Seven Interesting Facts About Online Freelance Writing

Students who are looking for a flexible job that pays well could turn to freelance writing. There are freelance editing jobs as well as numerous writing jobs that students could do to make extra spending money. While there are gobs of freelance jobs available online, not everyone qualifies to work on them. In fact, there are several facts that anyone who is interested in freelance writing jobs should know.

  1. Freelance writers need to know how to write. All too often, people think they can become online writers or editors, but they don’t write well. In fact, this has become such a problem that the big companies who match writers and clients have had to start vetting applicants. Just recently, anyone could join freelance websites; but this is no longer the case. This is not a career for everyone - only for people who actually enjoy writing and can work independently.
  2. Freelance writers need to meet deadlines. Most of the clients who are looking for writers have projects that need to be completed by a certain deadline. When writers do not meet deadlines, the clients who set them are unable to complete their projects.
  3. Freelance writers should work with a middleman. As some clients do not follow through on their promises to pay, freelance writers should work with someone who can hold payment in escrow. There are several websites that do this for freelancers so they are protected against unscrupulous clients. These websites do charge a small fee for bringing clients and freelancers together.
  4. Freelance writers need to have a basic understanding of SEO. One of the most common jobs for writers online involves using SEO - which is short for search engine optimization. This involves using keywords in content or blogs that will drive that content as close to the top of the search engine as possible. This means that writers need to know how to smoothly incorporate keywords into a text and they need to know where to put those words. There are certification programs that freelancers can complete to show clients they understand this complicated process.
  5. Freelance writers need to know how to conduct research. Whether people are searching for writing or editor jobs online, they need to know how to find information they can use to write clearly about a topic. Writers need to know how to copy and paste, without actually copying text word-for-word. Finding accurate information is important.
  6. Freelance writers need to be good communicators. Some freelancers enjoy working on academic writing jobs, which can be the challenging. Therefore, freelance writers need to know how to talk to their clients to get the information they need to correctly finish these tasks. Being able to ask useful questions and keeping clients updated is a necessity for good freelancers.
  7. Freelance writers actually need to have time to write. Taking on freelance jobs is one thing, finishing them is another. Students who plan to freelance need to carve out time to finish their projects. If they do not finish them, they will not be paid.

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